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summer classes 2003 st. johns, newfoundland, canada

updated wed 4 jun 03


Janet Kaiser on tue 3 jun 03

Summer Courses at the Clay Studio in St. John's, Newfoundland, CANADA

Professional Development Workshop: Soda Firing
Guest instructor Gordon Hutchens teaches this five-day workshop at King's
Point. Soda-firing involves using propane to heat a kiln to 1300=B0C
throwing in packages of baking soda or salt. This technique, developed in
medieval Europe is now a major topic of study in the world of ceramics.
Throwing, construction and decoration will also be discussed.
June 24 =9628 $240

Visiting Artist Workshop
A two-day handbuilding workshop hosted by Alberta College of Art professor
Katrina Chaytor. Chaytor specializes in slab built pottery with a special
emphasis on decoration.
July 19 - 20, 10am-4pm $120

Teapot Workshop
Learn the secrets to making great teapots on the wheel. Learn to make
lids, spouts and handles, and how to fit them all together. Some prior
experience with the wheel is necessary
August 13 and 14, 7-10pm $60

Raku Firing
Learn the ancient Japanese technique of raku and create lustrous, metallic
surfaces. Items must be made and bisqued beforehand with raku clay, which
can be purchased at the studio.
Saturday, August 30 $40

Fun in the Sun!
On August 9 see pottery in the making at our Annual Fundraiser at Middle
Cove Beach!
We will be performing a beach firing using driftwood, seaweed and other
materials that we find at the beach. See the technique of smoke firing and
how it turns unfinished pots into beautiful works of art!
Come and enjoy the sun and sea, and pick out your favourite pot or
sculpture to bring home with you!
The firing will start at noon. If the weather on August 9 is unpleasant we
will do the firing on the following Saturday, August 16. Come buy a
handmade sculpture or pot and support the Clay Studio! Prices for finished
pieces will ranges from $10 to $50.

Adult Courses:

Intro to Clay : Mondays 7-10pm
This class will be a general introduction to pottery techniques. Students
will learn handbuilding methods as well as the basics of throwing on the
potter=92s wheel. Decorating techniques will also be introduced.
eight weeks, beginning July 7 $205
Instructor: Mike Flaherty

Basic Throwing: Tuesdays 7-10
An introduction to the wheel! Learn how to make bowls, mugs and vases,
among other things. Discover the joys and challenges of working on the
wheel. eight weeks, beginning July 8 $205
Instructor: Isabella St. John

Kid=92s Workshops:
Students will be encouraged to bring their own ideas to class, but will
also have the opportunity to learn about clay through specific projects.
Unless otherwise indicated, these workshops take place from Monday to

Kids aged 5-8 years:
August 4-8, 1-4pm, $120
August 25-29, 9am-noon $120

Kids aged 9-12 years:
July 21-25, 1-4pm, $120
August 25-29, 1-4pm $120

August 18-22, 1-4pm $120

Moms 'n' Tots:
August 5 and 7 $40

Open studio times:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays: 4-6pm
Wednesdays: 9:30am-12:30pm
Fridays: 7-10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 1-4pm
Open studio sessions are $4 per hour, hst included. Clay is not included.
Times do not have to be booked. Storage space is available to rent or
borrow. Please call 753 2534 for more details.

Clay Prices:
Prices include hst. Glazes and firings are also included in the cost of
the clay. Some clays may not be available at all times. Clay is sold in
blocks of 10 lbs.
Reclaim Clay $12.00
White Stoneware $15.00
Cream Stoneware $18.50
Red Stoneware $19.00
Black Stoneware $20.50
Raku Clay $19.00
Sculpture Clay $20.00
Porcelain Clay $19.50

Call 753 2534 or email for more details or to

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Don't call me! This is all being hosted by the Crafts Council of
Newfoundland at Devon House in St. John's, Newfoundland, CANADA... Please
contact them for details!


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