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concerning lead firings ?

updated fri 6 jun 03


Sara Hadd on mon 2 jun 03

Hello I am new to this email listing, but I have a little info on
firing lead glazes in studio. I have done some research. I was mostly
interested in encase of a Pregnancy. The information that I received
was that the lead glazes are most harmful before firing and should
always be applied with glove etc. Also you should wash your hand after
use. I didn't find many specifics concerning the effects at different
cone levels during or after firings. But according to a resent
graduated from St. Clouds Ceramic department. The low fire lead glazes
are not harmful during firings and will not settle on things after ?
I just took his word for it. Although I have not use any leads in
resent firings I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks

Sara Hadd
2421 Hoefer Ave
Rapid City , SD 57701

Snail Scott on tue 3 jun 03

At 11:08 PM 6/2/03 -0600, you wrote:
>...The information that I received
>was that the lead glazes are most harmful before firing and should
>always be applied with glove etc...The low fire lead glazes
>are not harmful during firings and will not settle on things after ?

True, the principal hazard of lead glaze is to the
maker. IF you choose to use lead glaze, be absolutely
scrupulous - laboratory clean - in your handling of

However, I don't know of anything we fire that is
truly innocuous during firing. I'm not sure how bad
the vapors from a typical lead glaze might be, but
even glazes without lead can be VERY toxic while
firing, and I would NEVER remain in the room with a
firing kiln unless it was equipped with a really good
kiln vent. And even after the kiln is shut down,
the vapors will linger unless ventilated out.

I assume you are not using this glaze on food surfaces.

If you are (as you said) considering pregnancy, I
would give up this glaze entirely, NOW. Time enough
for risky stuff later.


karen gringhuis on wed 4 jun 03

Sara Hoard -

Search thru the ClayArt Archives for the last 30 - 60
days and you should find a lot of info. since lead was
recently discussed. There's probably more info in
older Archives, too.

Karen Gringhuis
KG Pottery
Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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william schran on wed 4 jun 03

Sara - I would advise simply avoiding the use of lead in glazes, PERIOD!
And your thinking about pregnancy?! Run, do not walk, away from the
idea of using lead!

Using lead in glazes - Handling raw, dry material: gloves,
respirator, goggles. Firing lead glazes: good kiln ventilation (even
then some volitized lead remains in kiln). Do not use glazes
containing lead on functional ware!