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designing glazes. the distincion between discovery and

updated tue 3 jun 03


Catherine White on mon 2 jun 03


Hi, Ivor,

Could you please post this answer to ClayArt rather than privately. I'm
struggling to learn my glaze calculation program and all info helps.

Thanks from,
Catherine in Yuma, AZ
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----- Original Message -----

> Good morning, Ivor!
> I read your recent post/response to Wes and Stephani with interest. I am
> familiar with this matrix ("common or garden 6*6), though I am familiar
> the one that Ian Currie uses (7 x 5). Could you explain it, and send it
> me? I am continuing my ever-ongoing process of developing glazes, and
have even
> brought myself up to speed with glaze calculation. I thought I should
> something about your approach. What are the high, medium and low ranges
for a
> primary melting agent, and for that matter how do I decide which is the
> primary melting agent when I have a mixture of flux oxides?... Can you,
> please suggest a literature source(s) to me?,
> Paulette