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another giant pit fire party at nottingham

updated tue 3 jun 03


terry sullivan on sun 1 jun 03

Well we got flooded out for our pit fire fallowing NCECA. Had a great
party nontheless but no pit fire.

So we have one schedualed for the 5 th. of July. The pit is ready ( it's
36 ft. long, 6 ft. wide, and 6 ft. deep) and all the wood is piled and
ready. As usual, this will be one heck of a fire.
We will provide bbq's, munchies, and some libations. All attending must
bring a potluck dish and whatever drinks they want.

There will be onsite camping and spaces for RV's ( no showers ).

There will be music, fun around the campfire ring, a toasty stove going
in the main studio with videos of Louis Katze in Tailand, and lots of
great convrsation with clay folks.

Decoration of the pit fire pots will start around 2 pm, with loading of
the pit starting around 4 pm. Once the pots are in the pit we will
start loading the wood around 4 pm. and we will have the lighing
ceramony at sunset. Then the party will begin.

You are all invited. Send me an email so we will know how much stuff
to provide.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts
San Marcos, CA