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crusader kiln - la area - free for the taking

updated mon 2 jun 03


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on sun 1 jun 03

I have decided to give away my crusader kiln. It is free for the taking. Last
summer it had an accident. My grandson stored a table improperly and when I
opened the garage door, the kiln was knocked off it's stand. The kiln floor was
dashed to pieces and one of the elements was pulled out and broken.

It's a Crusader kiln with a kiln setter, 27" deep and 24" diameter
(internal). It could probably be fixed (new kiln floor and elements) or made into a gas
kiln. Because of things going on in my life right now, I am not able to fix or
convert it.

So, please contact me off the list if you are interested. It will go to the
first person to pick it up.

in sunny Redondo Beach, California