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laguna clay - they got my business

updated sun 1 jun 03


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on fri 30 may 03

Today I drove over to Laguna Clay. It was my first visit there. I needed to
buy a couple boxes of cones. Since I expected to run in and out quickly, I
took my dog along. Sadie (90 lbs of love - rescued last December) likes to go for
rides in the car. But since it's getting hot, at least it is further inland
from where I live in Los Angeles County, I take her with me only if I know I
can park in shade or indoor parking or she won't be alone in the car for more
than 2 or 3 minutes. I don't want to take a chance of Sadie being overcome by
heat (or worse).

As I took a quick look at the bulletin board in the store, one of the Laguna
folks told me to bring in my dog. I ran out and brought her in. Sadie and I
took our time looking around in the air conditioned store. I ended up buying
additional things that I needed, but weren't on my critical list. Sadie greeted
many other clay nuts, getting many pats on the head and admiration. We both had
a great time and Laguna got a bigger sale than they would have had Sadie sat
out in the car. We all benefited.

in sunny Redondo Beach, CA USA