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updated sun 1 jun 03


Joyce Lee on sat 31 may 03

Ron&John's slightly damaged books are ready
to be mailed. All those who recommended
institutions which were accepted as recipients
have been informed. No more books available!

Thank you for your time and energy getting the
information together and sending it on to me.
It is so rewarding to be part of this offshoot of
Clayart .... to be able to function as a conduit
between donor and those who qualify and need
the items given. A claybud started all this,
you know, because she was so impressed with
Mastering Cone 6 Glazes that she wanted to buy
some more copies and share them with those
who had work which would directly benefit
from the knowledge John&Ron had lovingly
put together ..... but who could not afford the
dollars needed for the purchase. At That Time.
She wanted to remain anonymous and didn't
choose to know the names of the recipients,
which is where I came in. What a lovely thought!
So we did it... and
Clay It Forward was born .... based on the
book/movie Play It Forward, of course.

We have another cool one awaiting finalization.

In the Mojave where Enrique used some pots from
my Ugly Pot Spot to mark areas where I want
holes dug for new desert plants. A dozen or
so small pots are out
by the front gate and along the fence. A young
couple who've recently moved up the road apiece
and pass our place daily, stopped to ask where
I got my "very unique" pots for my Pot Garden...
they want to "plant" one also. Took a look at
it later..... they're right..... no plants there..... just
sand..... does look like a Pot Garden. If I were
they, I'd have stopped, too....=20