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ceramics monthly: did linda sikora change her name?

updated sun 1 jun 03


Donalson on sat 31 may 03

Just received my copy of the June/August CM, here in the outback. Going =
through it page by page. Page 24, there is an article by Jeff Tsai, who =
used to contribute to our list quite often, regarding a show at this =
years NCECA. There is a beautiful pot on the same page that is =
attributed to Sun-Ko Yuh. I spent a fair amount of time in the gallery =
that Jeff is talking about, and I remember the specific pot in the =
article, however, Linda Sikora, (Alfred) was the artist, to the best of =
my recollection.

Does anyone else have an opinion here? Is this Linda's work, or did she =
change her name recently?

Tony Canada's article on Bruce Cochrane is a must read, and the pots are =
really beautiful.

Craig AZ