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grits and hot weather - yankees in las vegas?

updated sat 31 may 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 30 may 03

No Ma'am...

I was born in Ft. Texas, intentionally as far as I know,

I just happen to like Maple Syrup, and for that matter, I am
fond of Birch Syrup which is a little harder to find.

I make darned good Pan-Cakes ( or Flap-Jacks, or
Griddle-Cakes, or Johnney-Cakes, Hot-Cakes or whatever the
hell they are, they 'are'...pretty good when I do 'em...)
and I got into the Maple ( or 'Birch') syrup oweing to IS good on Grits, too! - well with lots of
Butter of course...

Make mighty good 'Corn-Gems' too ( and have the old smooth
Iron baking pans to do so as are no spring Chickens,
either...) Or Corn Bread in the 'pan' or skillet...and Corn
Meal Mush...yum!

I make a swell Oakra-and-Stewed-Tomatoes (with the minced up
Bacon in it and so on...) and a good 'Et-too-fey' or
whatever IT is spelled as, but there are no Crawdads up ( or
over) here in sorry old lasvegas...and I can do a damned
good Bar-B-Que...and...

As a boy, I admired there will still fellows as would NOT
wear...a 'Blue' suit for work, church or liesure...and
followed closely the last, attenuated attrition of the few
remaining survivors of the Great Conflict...

...while I may not be a Southerner, I am no Yankee...!


And Grits! - I love them!

How can one not?

las vegas

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From: "L. P. Skeen"
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 12:47 PM
Subject: Re: grits and hot weather

> Phil,
> I suspect you are a Yankee transplant. Maple syrup
> L
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> > Butter and Maple syrup are good on them too...that is,
> > they are boiled and all...
> > > mel, I suspect the reason you aren't liking grits is
> > are fixin' 'em wrong. Grits aren't supposed to have
cream or sugar
> > (that's for coffee!), just butter and salt/pepper.
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