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koie rioji's prices - etc - john's post, phil

updated thu 29 may 03


John Horner on wed 28 may 03

Hello Phil,=20

To me it is clear that Koie is trying to say something about 9/11. I =
can't get inside his mind, and wouldn't pretend to know what he was =
thinking or trying to say. Just the fact that he recognized that day by =
placing it on his ceramic mug shows that he is not indifferent about the =
events of September 11.=20

No matter what people may think or believe about that day, it will, and =
must be remembered as a turning point in American's lives. No longer =
are we (Americans) casual observers of terrorism. No longer can we live =
with the belief that events happening in the middle east and elsewhere =
in the world do not have an effect on our lives. Now the horror of =
terrorism is in our own back yards. It has become "real" to us and not =
just a casual observation from the news. We can no longer be indifferent =
about world events.=20

As I said in the beginning of this post, I do not know what Koie was =
trying to say, but I view the fact that he acknowledged September 11 as =
a positive action.


Subject: Re: Koie Rioji's prices - etc - John's post

Hi John,

I feel very positive about your shareing your experience of
the mugs and anything else you may care to mention. I say,
good for you. I found nothing in anyone's candor yet as I
could object to.

I am curious though, you say "I appreciate Koie's gesture
concerning 9/11. "

And...well, just what do you see that 'gesture' as having

There is a gesture there...
It may be interesting to mention or share how
it came across to various of us.

We could ask him to tell us...what he intended...or the
'thought' as may have animated the otherwise seemingly
tentative or halting incidental incorporation of it...which
be an interesting experiment to 'ask'.

See what he says...

But meanwhile, what do we 'say'?

How did it come across to us?



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From: "John Horner"
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2003 4:00 AM
Subject: Re: Koie Rioji's prices and Koie .. look again ..
see .. perceive

With all the "shame on you" sentiment being posted because
some of us have stated our "PERSONAL OPINION" about Koie's
mugs, I found myself feeling a little guilty for "trashing"
an artist's work. I looked again, tried to see and perceive
these mugs in a different light. To be fair to Koie, I have
looked at lots of his work on the internet, all of the links
that Helen posted and more, and find many of his pieces that
I do like, some quite well. I have no doubt that Koie is a
brilliant and accomplished artist. I appreciate Koie's
gesture concerning 9/11. All that said.... Sorry, I still
don't care for the mugs. They are not pleasing to MY eye.
They don't summon ME to pick them up. My distaste for Koie's
mugs has very little to do with price. I wouldn't want them
for any price. Isn't it a wonderful thing that all of us
don't have the same taste. What a boring world this would
be. I am just saddened that we can't express our personal
opinions, without being accused of "trashing", "bashing",
and "defiling our own nest". I don't like the mugs, and I am
certain that Koie would understand and be OK with my
opinion. Again, thanks for the opportunity to voice my
John Horner