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cockroaches and lawyers

updated thu 29 may 03


Tom Sawyer on tue 27 may 03

"Cockroaches and lawyers". Golly after all the fuss you stired up last
week, I might have said Cockroaches and thrashed "sex deviants".
Too bad I'm not going to get to see this response; I'm off to DC
tomorrow for a national homeless conference. Best

Tom Sawyer

clennell on wed 28 may 03

I'm alright with the nasty and hurtful ones. I have developed the skin of a
cockroach or lawyer. Hmmmm! There is a similiarity. Now the ones that are
ready to jump all over this will think what about poor Tom Sawyer the
doctor/lawyer. Well, I know Tom and figure he was the first to laugh. See
many of us have been here for a while, have dished it out, taken the pie in
the face and get on with life.
I find it crowded behind the barn with friends that work all day and have a
few laughs at night. Liz is even having a smoke back there.
The thumpers seem to have their glass ceilings falling in on them about
Give a little, get alot.
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario