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koie rioji's prices and koie .. look again .. see .. perceive

updated tue 27 may 03


John Horner on mon 26 may 03

With all the "shame on you" sentiment being posted because some of us =
have stated our "PERSONAL OPINION" about Koie's mugs, I found myself =
feeling a little guilty for "trashing" an artist's work. I looked =
again, tried to see and perceive these mugs in a different light. To be =
fair to Koie, I have looked at lots of his work on the internet, all of =
the links that Helen posted and more, and find many of his pieces that I =
do like, some quite well. I have no doubt that Koie is a brilliant and =
accomplished artist. I appreciate Koie's gesture concerning 9/11. All =
that said.... Sorry, I still don't care for the mugs. They are not =
pleasing to MY eye. They don't summon ME to pick them up. My distaste =
for Koie's mugs has very little to do with price. I wouldn't want them =
for any price. Isn't it a wonderful thing that all of us don't have the =
same taste. What a boring world this would be. I am just saddened that =
we can't express our personal opinions, without being accused of =
"trashing", "bashing", and "defiling our own nest". I don't like the =
mugs, and I am certain that Koie would understand and be OK with my =
opinion. Again, thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion. =20
John Horner