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surfing with helen bates - the world's women on-line exhibition

updated sun 25 may 03


Helen Bates on sat 24 may 03

The World's Women On-Line Exhibition
Electronic Art Networking
in conjunction with
the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women,
Beijing, China, 1995.

This is a massive site, organized alphabetically for viewing the
artists' work. Each alphabetical section has one thumbnail image per
participant, and clicking on this thumbnail brings up a biographical
page and a medium sized image. Clicking on this image brings up a large
enough image to show some of the surface detail of the pieces.

There is a fair scattering of artists' works in cone clay, but this is
not indicated in the text accompanying the rather small thumbnails.
Sometimes one can make a fair guess at whether a piece is ceramic,
sometimes not.

Below are links to a fair majority of the ceramic works I found but
certainly not all of them. They tend towards the sculptural, as is
frequently the case in such cross-media exhibitions, but a number of
these are also quite lovely vessels.

Here you go then!

Main url:


Ann Ferguson-Durkin

Ann Roberts

Maysaloon Faraj

Khulood Da'mi'mi.html

Wasma'a K. Chorbachi

Ayumi Shigematsu

Megumi Oiwake

Hitoko Okai

Misa Naoki

Nanako Kaji

Chieko Katsumata

Sachiko Kawamura

Junko Kitamura

Mamiko Hayashi

Kyoko Hori, Japan

Masuko Emi

Anne Hirondelle, USA

Eva Kwong

Jeanne Otis

Etta Zuritsky Winigrad


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