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koie ryoji on-line exhibition - mercy's reply to karen's post

updated sun 25 may 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 23 may 03

Wonderfully said Mercy...

And Karen, maybe I have trashed the guy...could be.

He looks like a typical cliche of 'art' con-man to me...

His real product seems to be selling his ego.

An open invitation was made to say what we thought of his

What is his 'work'?

It looks to me like 'selling' is his 'work, and not NOT
making ingenuous Pots...selling a mystique as itself seems
very shakey.

Pots are an incidental to selling the schtick, and it shows,

If I describe what I see, is it 'trashing' him?

I am curious, do you think I trashed him?

Maybe I did not...I cannot tell how it may have seemed to

Let me know?


All in all, I favor healthy debate, and criticism and
shareing insight or shareing errors in judgement as may then
be revealed if they ARE errors in judgement...and if a
criticism is all wet, or mere temprement or noise, we can
tell easily enough and mention THAT...and get something out
of the good parts as occur too. Get something out of the
process as well...


This was a good adventure...we should have more of them!


las vegas

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From: "mercy lang"
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 12:25 PM
Subject: Re: Koie Ryoji On-line Exhibition

> karen terpstra wrote:
> Sometimes when looking at art, especially post modern or
abstract, etc.,
> it is easier to make valid statements and judgments about
the work when
> you know more about the artist and the rest of his work.
> I disagree with you. I do not need to know how famous or
great he has been to have an opinion on the present. Every
piece should be able to stand on it's own regardless how
great he's been in the past.
> I'm just concerned with the way he's been trashed. He is a
friend of
> mine. I would be equally offended if people said the same
things about
> friends of mine that I have on this list. There are better
ways to
> express opinions and critique work than blatant trashing.
> Not true. He has not been trashed. His work was shown and
we were asked what we thought. Nothing personal at all.
However, saying that something looks awful etc. is not
blatant trashing, just the truth of those that said it.
> The other concern I have is that I'm sure new people who
are not in a
> school situation and would like their work critiqued are
not going to
> publicly ask that it be done by this list. A few daring
ones have asked
> for crits on clayart. How many posts will we miss because
of the way
> Koie's work was trashed? I'm receiving lots of private
email from my
> post yesterday that say they are afraid to respond to the
list because
> of what's been going on of late.
> When you start down this path and ask for an opinion-
especially from clayarters that have been doing their work
for many years I would expect the truth and ideas to improve
if that were the case. Mercy
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John Jensen on fri 23 may 03

I don't feel like Phil or anyone else "trashed" the potter named Koie
Ryoji. I have been fascinated to read posts on all sides of this
discussion, as arguments sway me from my own gut reaction, then back
again. I do think it has a healthy display of reasonable expression of
honest opinion.
As for me, I don't much care for the mugs on any level.

John Jensen, Mudbug Pottery ,

Donald Burroughs on sat 24 may 03

Koie Ryoji again. He makes wonderful vessels from a japanese traditionilist
sensibility, but he should best leave the mugs up to those western masters
out there. I admit to not being one of those and I am still working on that
everso difficult art of the mug handle = proportion + scale + balance. On
the other hand I do know as an aware user of the mug what these should be
and Ryoji will need to re-consider making mugs in the futture. I sense he
may have been influenced by the western gallery owner who posted these mugs
in the first place.