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koie ryoji on line exhibition

updated sat 24 may 03


Pat Southwood on fri 23 may 03

Claybair, when you asked why a Japanese person may make pricey mugs but =
a Western person is criticised by making teabowls there are 3 points:(at =
1. He is entitled to ask whatever price he wishes for his mugs, it does =
not however mean that he will get it.
2.They may not go down well in his own culture.(?) Not many English =
people use teabowls.
3.Handles are hard at the best of times, especially so if they are not =
part of ones culture.=20
When I commented initially it was about what I took to be vases. - =
Enlargements from the thumbnail sketches on the opening page. When =
people started talking about September the 11th I went back and had =
another look. Interesting to wonder how they might be displayed by any =
purchaser? I like the idea of a mark incised into a plaster bat and =
then the freshly thrown pot put down on it. I hate turning. When they're =
done they're done.
Second weekend of open studios tomorrow. Hope it doesn't rain, or it's =
the sheltering dog walkers for me!