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koie ryoji book

updated sat 24 may 03


Marta Matray Gloviczki on fri 23 may 03

many years ago, during my trip to new york city, i absolutely fall in love
with jackson pollock`s paintings at the MOMA. (i think it was the moma or
the metropolitan or the guggenheim???)
that was the first time i saw those fabulous paintings in real life.
during that same trip in ny i saw a very unusual exhibit where the raw
energy of the japanese artist made a really big impression on me. i tried
to memorize his name but i couldnt. so i wrote it down on a postcard:
i still have this postcard somewhere in a drawer, see it often, so the two
names bacame inseparable in my mind...--funny how the mind works---
and, so
when i ordered a book from steven branfman`s potters shop titled:
RYOJI KOIE written by matthew kangas, i wasnt surprized at all learning
about koie that he expressed such an admiration for pollock...
btw, its a nice book!

i am sure helen could dig up some exciting websites for us to see some new
works of koie. i`d love to see them!