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firing practices conference, la crosse: questions

updated sat 24 may 03


karen terpstra on fri 23 may 03

Hi folks,

Here are answers to a few questions we have been getting.

DAY PASSES: (Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th)
You can pre-register for one day only at half price. $75 for potters
council members and $100 for non members. After June 1st it will be
$100 for Potters Council members and $125 for non-members.

Since this is the same weekend as the Cambridge Pottery Festival, it is
possible to attend the Firing conference on Friday and Saturday and
Cambridge on Sunday, or attend the Firing conference on Friday and go to
Cambridge on Saturday and Sunday. (Is there a contact person from the
Cambridge Festival on the list who could contact Chris Schnitzer? I lost
mine. Sorry.)

STUDENT PASSES: Students with current student ID's may attend at half

DORM ROOMS: many people are staying in the dorms. The registration form
for the dorm rooms is on the website. You can register for the room
there or contact Chris Schnitzer.

RAKU: you may bring a piece of bisque ware to raku and take back home
with you. Please try it if you haven't ever rakued before.

SALT AND WOOD FIRINGS: We are loading the wood kiln before the
conference and unloading several days later. It takes a day or two to
load. We will fire 48 hours during the conference and let it cool for 3
days. If you want a pot fired in the salt or wood kiln you must send a
pot to arrive by June 6, mail it WITH RETURN POSTAGE INCLUDED! Or, if
you live close by you can drop it off early and pick it up on June 18.
We do not have the funds for return shipping.
The same goes for the salt kiln with the exception of a 10 hour firing.
We will load before the conference and unload after.

Bring a small piece of work for the participants show. Bring a mug or
cup for the exchange. Bring or send ahead reproducible pictures of your
kiln plans if you have some and would like to share.

If there are more questions, please let us know.

Be prepared for information overload and lots of fun!

See you in La Crosse!
Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI

Christine Schnitzer
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The American Ceramic Society
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