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koie ryoji on-line exhibition - snail's post

updated thu 22 may 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 21 may 03

Oh hell...I guess the dude's name is 'KOIE'...

I had just glanced at the mugs, and untill I read Snail's
post, I did not know of the sep 11, returning
to the website, I looked at them some more and it occured to
me that what I thought may have been his 'coffee' imprint,
is instead his name...

Anyway...the more I looked, the worse it all got...maybe he
should make 'rice-bowls', and 'tea-bowls' too with 'KOIE' in
big Roman Caps... do a whole 'kitch-en' set of things...

Actually, 'tiles' would be best...especially if just large
enought for him to emboss his name on 'em, and without all
that bother of throwing...or needing to waste extraneous

las vegas

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From: "Snail Scott"
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 9:25 AM
Subject: Re: Koie Ryoji On-line Exhibition

> >From: "Mert & Holly Kilpatrick" >
> >>
> ...Someone please give
> >> me an art appreciation lesson on these. Seriously.
> ART appreciation? OK...
> I think that the basic elements work well together
> in an abstract esthetic sense - the loosely-thrown vessel,
> the twisty round handle, the crazed glaze, the stamped
> signature.
> I'm guessing that the raised style of the 'Sept 11' text,
> inscribed on the BOTTOM of the piece, is intended to
> deliberately scratch the surface of any table it's placed
> upon, as a recurring reminder of past tragedy, even
> while hidden from visibility and daily awareness. An
> interesting conceptual idea, really. A legitimate approach
> to making art which might continually re-generate
> awareness in its users...not a thing that's easily
> achieved. If intended as a work of art, it's OK.
> If intended as a drinking a functional sense,
> I see a few drawbacks, including the sharp corners on the
> bottom which will inevitably chip, and the inscription on
> the bottom which will assuredly scar someone's coffee
> table. I don't have a problem with choosing a crazing
> glaze for porcelain, though, and I think the form is OK.
> As an object offered for my prospective purchase...I find
> the huge stamped signature to be pretentious as hell
> (though certainly consistent with the poser price tag),
> and it trivializes the 'Sept 11' molded into the bottom,
> which in this context I am forced to perceive as a means
> of tasteless profiteering off the sorrow of many.
> -Snail
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