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water logic (was texture-glaze workshop-brian gartside

updated wed 21 may 03


Brian on tue 20 may 03

On 19/5/03,you wrote...
>Hello Brian you have a beautiful site ( means beautiful works and
>better than that
>great glazes/
>I use the fact that you have written to clayart to tell you that
>your is very
>Ababi Sharon
>Glaze addict

Ababi and fellow lurkers

here is the explain the confusing home page to my ceramic
web site and to some extent the contents

there are two cups - one cup contains three small rocks and the other
contains water.
Now....there are always three rocks you can count them and when
tipped they fall all together or one at a time out onto the floor and
they are still three....they never increase in size...everything is
reliable and they also do not move once they have found their
position ...we know where we are and we know where we are
going...there territory might change but the situation is fixed.....
and what's more the cup is empty.

Now, take the cup with water. I look inside and there is definitely
only one Water...........but I can tip out a dozen or hundreds of
separate waters if I want to and when they hit the floor more
uncertainty exists......there is nowhere near the same certainty of
shape size and number that we had with the three rocks. How many
waters and the nature of each one is totally chaotic erratic and
unpredictable. And the cup can still have "one" water in it

It is comfortable and secure and easy to accept the *rock* logic,
anyone can understand the clarity of it.

On the other hand *water* logic leaves us with no certainty and a
question that asks if its possible to accept and view what happens in
a different way.
It appears to have no certain goal and knows not where and how to go
It also leads to very individual perceptions and interpretations.
It also leads to a situation that the alert eye can accept endless
opportunities for visual enjoyment as well as the development of new

Two last points...

1. In my own dealing with clay and firing I feel better with a good
big dose of water logic.........and it then might explain my work,
surface textures and shapes, and to some extent the confusion seen in
the web site home page

2. I should acknowledge the ideas here presented are derived from "I
Am Right and You Are Wrong" by Edward De Bono

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