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touchstone workshop on the glazed surface

updated wed 21 may 03


Judy Carbone on tue 20 may 03

Good Afternoon!

I am very excited to be enrolled in a workshop next month at Touchstone
Center for Crafts in Farmington, PA. The instructor for the workshop is
Judith Duff from NC and is on the Glazed Surface. Believe me, I need some
help with glazing techniques! Anyway, the course needs just one more
registrant in order for it to =B3go=B2, so I am trying all means to spread the
word. If you know or have heard of Judy, you know she is an amazing potter=
a fabulous teacher, and an all around good soul!

Here is the workshop description:

JUNE 23-28, 2003
Exploration into the World of the Glazed Surface
Judith Duff
Level:=A0 Intermediate
Tuition: $300.00
Materials: A detailed list will be sent.
Studio Fee: $50
The emphasis in this class will be learning about glazing, along with
throwing and firing techniques in the gas kiln. Glaze application and
decorating techniques such as pouring, dipping, layering, slip trailing, an=
wax resist will be covered.=A0 Students will mix glazes and be encouraged to
develop and experiment with new glazes. Bisqued pots that the students will
bring to class, test tiles, and pots the students make in the beginning of
class will be glazed and fired.=A0 While the kiln is cooling, we will discuss
and practice throwing and altering methods that expand upon the bowl form.
Those with some glazing and throwing experience will benefit from this
intensive hands on workshop.=A0

For more information on registering for this class or other Ceramics course=
at Touchstone, please visit Hope to see you at
the workshop!

Be well! And happy potting!

Judy :)

Judy A. Carbone
Career/Life Coach =20
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