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clay it forward/small kiln furniture

updated mon 19 may 03


Joyce Lee on sun 18 may 03

We have a Clay It Forward donor of orton cones
and small kiln furniture. This generous claybud
wishes to offer these to a clayarter who needs them.

Criteria for acceptance is based on need ... not
necessarily who is the absolute neediest ... but
items are waiting for a clayarter who hustles and
sends me a brief statement explaining why she/he
is limited in working with clay because
of financial constraints of the moment.

Items available are 1) various pieces of small
kiln furniture ...... and 2) Orton Cones
022, 019, 018, 017, 014, 010, 07, 05, 04,
2 and 5.

Thank you to the donor, and to those who respond.

In the Mojave where I expect to return to the
studio next week For Real .... part-time will be
better than Just Fine! I've filled a notebook with ideas ....
referencing my inspirations ... for the work I
can't wait to begin. (NBA basketball floor graphic
was today's.) I thought I'd Start Slowly but
the rush of adrenaline I'm experiencing says=20
Nothing Has Changed with my feelings for Clay.
How thrilling! I may even mentor the guy down the
road ... a truck driver who has "always" wanted
to be a potter but has no time for formal classes
due to erratic demands on his schedule. Whoa,
ol' girl..... excuse me, ol' person ....... one step at
a time............ I don't even know this gentleman....
nor how he might fit into the mix of my life...... or
mix into the fit ....... as in Having
a Flat Out Fit to get started..........