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insight seminar feedback, translators, palm version

updated sun 18 may 03



I have been hesitant about this sort of thing in past but
John has emboldened me to do it this time.

Can you give us feedback or partner with us?

-We are planning a seminar tour in the summer or fall,
please use your registration page on our site to let us know
what you want in a seminar.

-We are setting up a web page to enable and administer
translation of INSIGHT into other languages (e.g. German,
Grench, Spanish). We want to partner with people to do this,
the end result will be a site where people can download
language modules that grow with the program. The initial
process should only take a couple of hours for each
language. This should be ready to begin accumulating
languages in a month. is not quite ready for multiple
authors but we are continuing to accumulate names of people
around the world, please use your registration page, there
is a checkbox for this.

-We are planning a Palm version of INSIGHT. If you have
ideas on what you would like to see, please use the contact
page on our website.

-We are setting up a web-delivered and administered thermal
expansion and DTA testing service that will double as a
free and public accumulating database of expansion curves
for bodies and glazes. This will enable anyone to pick body
and glaze pairs in the database and overlay them as graphic
expansion curves on the web page. If you have archives of
expansion curves for bodies or glazes that you would like to
contribute we want to work out a simple import method to
capture the data and ways to cross-calibrate. Please use the
contact page on our website if you can help. We are hoping
to have this running by summer.

-We have expanded the number of affiliate public databases
on our site. If you are a ceramic consultant or rep of a
school, organization, club, publication, tradeshow, lab, or
supply or mining company and want to be listed, please use
your registration page at our website. We hope to get a
thousand universities listed in the next couple of years,
for example. There is no charge.


I am approaching the 25th anniversary of my INSIGHT software
for glazes. We just introduced a new version, it is free to
download and existing serial numbers up to 5 years old work.
It is identical on Mac OS9, OSX and Windows. It has picture
storage, XML import/export and XML-style recipe database,
HTML reports and report templates, customizable target
formulas/recipes, multiple thermal expansion number sets and
cost overrides, instructional videos, much better manual,
and its translatable to other languages by non-programmers.
Best of all it talks to our materials website at and integration between the two in
future will be very close.

The program download is less than 2mb (the manual is two or
three times larger) and it installs without putting
tentacles into the operating system, just trash the folder
to completely uninstall.

> Hi Everyone,
> I am extremely pleased with the initial reception to
> GlazeMaster--apparently there was an itch there that needed to be
> scratched. But it is time to start assembling my target improvements
> No, I won\'t try to do everything everyone suggests, but I will
> carefully consider all of the suggestions and try to do the most
> requested (and feasible) items.

Tony Hansen, Digitalfire Corp.