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cone 10 pots, while u wait!

updated sun 18 may 03


Craig Martell on sat 17 may 03


What's the big rush anyway? I know that here in the USA we like things to
happen real fast but, Pleeze!

One of the big deals with doing hi fired work is the clay/glaze interface,
which gives a very strong bond between the glaze and the pot
underneath. There is a seldom discussed factor involved here. It's called
the "coefficient of diffusion", which is the ability, and the time
involved, for ions to penetrate and move thru the glaze matrix and into the
clay. Some ions have a high coefficient and others do not so it may be
better to give all these little partyhounds time to get together. It would
be interesting to do some studies of interfaces of the same clay and glaze
fired at different schedules to determine if this is a real major
factor. I'd like to do this but I have to make pots today.

later, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon