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buying equipment from ebay...

updated sat 17 may 03


Miriam Shelomith on fri 16 may 03

A friend of mine bought a used car on eBay. He lives in MN and
the car was in Tampa, Florida. He called me, I live in Clearwater, FL,
and I became the middle man.

The car was dropped off at my house. I checked to make sure that
it had 4 wheels, a spare and all those technical thingies. I then handed
the guy my friend's bank check.

The buyer and the seller were both pleased with the transaction.

I was amazed.

I would not buy a used car (my present car is only 7 years old...Figure
at least another 15 years. Then, I may think about a new car) let alone
a used car long distance...

So, I would not make any kind of major purchase this way...

miriam in sunny FL