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ingeborg made it to showcase!

updated sun 11 may 03


Hank Murrow on sat 10 may 03

Well, during my workshift on the Visa line at Showcase in Portland, OR;=20=

I was paged by Ingeborg Foco of Clayart fame. After I was finished with=20=

my job logging in beaucoup dollars (34K) on plastic, I met with her at=20=

my booth and had a lovely time explaining how my tools can be used,=20
hearing about the ferocious corrosion same are subject to in Florida,=20
and enjoying the enthusiasms of a fellow Clayarter. I think she was=20
impressed with the growth of the show she used to be a part of when she=20=

resided here.

Next year we will make the momentous move to double the space for the=20=

show, and I think everyone is excited to get the extra elbow room and=20
have new participants in new booths. It was a double pleasure to=20
welcome Ren=E9e Fairchild to her first time at Showcase. She is doing a=20=

feature on the event for Ceramics Monthly, where she works as an=20
editor. In moments of stress on arrival, she was impressed with the=20
kindness of Portland strangers, but later with the show of Things=20
ceramic in the exhibit hall, and in the gallery in the foyer.

Tired but buoyant, Hank in Eugene=