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west coast : arts business institute

updated tue 6 may 03


ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on mon 5 may 03

The Arts Business Institute is an awesome way to learn everything an artist needs to
know about the business of selling arts and crafts.

I do not work for them or represent them in any way other than what I have personally
seen. It is the best time and money you will spend if you are serious about making a
living with clay or any other artwork.

I have attended two of them and have personally seen artists transformed by a week-end
of intensive classes on marketing, pricing, wholesale, accepting credit cards, developing
your style, designing sales materials .... and on, and on.

The ABI is having it's very first westcoast event in June.

Milon Townsend, glass artist and author will bring the Arts Business Institute to the
Kennedy School in Portland OR on June 18th.

Wendy Rosen will be on hand to participate with a lecture or two and one-on-one
critiques for anyone who wants one. The workshop coast $120 (I think) and includes
three text books by the presenters.

For info go to:

You will not regret attending.
Chris Campbell - in North Carolina