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beat. woods lusters, electric/gas for sculpture, t-material

updated tue 6 may 03


cuhalde on mon 5 may 03

I have a few questions:

1)Does anyone know if we have t-material here in the states and if so,
of anyone in northern California who carries it? Is it called something
else here?

2) I read that Beatrice Wood got her luster glazes from an electric
kiln, by tossing in mothballs at some point to get a reduction
atmosphere. I am interested in trying to get such glazes in my electric
kiln, (except the toxicity aspect scares me),. Does anyone know of any
techniques and/or recipes for electric? Commercial lusters are pricey
and I'd like to get more variety, and more period, as it seemed she did.

3) I am wanting to get a bigger kiln than the old Cress I have, which
is 23" wide x 26" deep. I am working sculpturally and plan to at some
point start selling work which could involve a repeat line of vessels,
and teaching out of my studio. I also live in the city, and am still
rasing kids and finishing an MA (at 49yrs), and so not sure of the
feasability of using gas, though it may be cheaper. I like the idea, in
terms of my current lifestyle, of having an automatic firing schedule
that I don't have to sit by. I mention gas because a scultpor mentor I
have been working with suggests it's the best way to go, for sculpture.
I've narrowed in, as far as gas goes, on the fact that I love the
flashing and some soda firing on porcelain slip with glazing that I've
seen and done, along with the water blue. Other than this I am not
overly attracted to gas, but it seems these are effects that cannot be
achieved in electric. Can anyone advise as to the pros and cons of
electric vs. gas; anything I haven't mentioned? Any electric that you
would recommend?