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road trip to georgia and arkansas

updated mon 5 may 03


Ruth Blake and David Blake on sun 4 may 03

We will be going to Cleveland Georgia this week for a craft show and
driving back to Texas through Magnolia Arkansas. We usually go
everywhere by plane and I am looking forward to being able to stop along
the route and check out the sites.
We won't have much time on the first leg of the trip but on the way to
Arkansas we will be able to stop.
Does anyone know of any Potterys along the way? I believe it is route 20
most of the way.

This is my first out of state craft sale and I am really looking forward
to it. Is there anything I should know? I have only done a few sales and
they were all real small.
I don't expect to sell too much I am really going for the fun of it and
the chance to get to meet other potters. (sales would be nice though) I
made about 80 pots for this but they are mostly small.
We have a very small truck and I just don't know where all of it is
going to fit.
Any tips will be greatly appreciated. I have only been doing this full
time for about two years but I have been doing it as a hobby for about
16. I don't have a lot of experience on the selling end of it.