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updated fri 2 may 03


Eleanor on thu 1 may 03

To Tony Ferguson,

I have the Skutt 1027-3KM, purchased 6 years ago from Bennett, which
had the best price. No kiln vent; I fire in an open garage with a
powerful exhaust fan. I can smell the fumes in the driveway, but not
in the garage.

As a dabbler, I average only 16-20 firings a year and I have never
fired above ^6.
I was using the automatic Cone Fire mode until John H published his
slow cool schedule. I needed to reduce his top temp. about 5 degrees
as it seemed to fire too hot with the 20 minute hold (heat work?). I
always use witness cones; they always bend just right with the above
mentioned exception.

This kiln comes in three pieces. They don't fit tightly, nor does the
lid. I can see light through the seams when the kiln is firing. To
compensate, I fire with all the peepholes plugged.

As the kiln has never given me trouble, I can't comment on warranty
service. Early on, I had some technical questions to ask and found
that Skutt cannot be contacted via their website; you need to call
them long distance--no 800 number. One of my questions was answered
by mail and another by phone, after I had been kept on hold while
they located the tech person. In both cases, the techs seemed to know
what they were talking about.

I appreciate the fact that Arnold Howard of Paragon offers advice on
Skutt and other kilns. I don't think I knew that at the time-I was
new to clayart and I don't think he was posting then. If I had, I
might have gone for the Paragon.

BTW, I also appreciate your input to the List. I have learned a lot.

Eleanor Kohler
Centerport, NY