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do you have an electric kiln at home? tell me about your electricity...

updated fri 2 may 03


Beth Martin on thu 1 may 03

I need to have an electrician come out anyway, so while I'm at it, I'd
like to have them set me up for a large kiln in the future.

Right now I have a 125-amp panel, with space left for two little
breakers. The kiln I want would need a 60-amp breaker. We have gas heat,
so just the water heater, dryer, and stove are the major
electricity-suckers on this panel.

I'm collecting bids from electrician's right now, but I'd like to be
armed with information before they come out.

If you have an electric kiln (or even more than one) at home, I'd like to
know how big it is and what sort of service you have: 125-amp? 200-amp?
125-amp with sub-panel?

Thanks for your help! :)

Beth Martin