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workshop fire

updated thu 1 may 03


Janet Kaiser on thu 1 may 03

Dear G=E9rard

I am so very sorry to hear about your workshop fire. It is, of course,
every potter's worst nightmare. What happened? Not that that is important

How are you managing to get yourself organised and going again so quickly?
I really take my hat off to you, because I just know that I would be
running around like a headless chicken for weeks! Are there people who are
helping and supporting you? I know you are well off the beaten track in
Canada and can imagine there will be willing volunteers, but what about the
building? Was it totally lost? And your equipment? Is there an association
which helps craftspeople in cases like yours?

Please know if I was not a few thousand miles away I would want to help in
some sort of hands-on way, but alas all I can say is that my thoughts are
with you at this terrible time. Good luck, Bon Chance!


Janet Kaiser
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