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reduction activators.

updated thu 1 may 03


iandol on wed 30 apr 03

Dear Friends,
Stalking along the supermarket shelves this morning I came across a salt =
substitute. Knowing that this can be a source of soluble Potassium ions =
and might have value as an alternative to common salt in vapour glazing =
I had a look at the contents.
Interesting combination and one which I would have thought suspect from =
a health point of view. I would certainly not pour it over my food. But =
it did seem interesting from a ceramics perspective.
Potassium chloride, Ammonium chloride, Calcium phosphate and Magnesium =
Now I am wondering, not about the usual ceramic ingredients, but the =
notion of what the Ammonium ion and Stearate could achieve. One being =
Hydrogen and Nitrogen and on the other Carbon and Hydrogen, could it act =
as a local reducing agent?. Another point. Could it substitute for Soda =
Ash in those Shino surfaces and perhaps give a stronger red to the =
orange or peach blushes?
Best excuse I could think of so I have a 250 gram pack to play with.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia.