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xiaoping classes at desert dragon pottery

updated wed 30 apr 03


Michelle Lowe on tue 29 apr 03

Helen Bates mentioned Xiaoping's site in her last list-

>Luo Xiaoping ( Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China)
>Instrumental in the funding of Yixing Ceramic Art Association
>Figural sculpture, teapot sculpture,
>Also modern Yixing teapots by members of his studio.

Xiaoping Luo and his wife Junya Shao spend part of their year every year (for the past 2) in the Phoenix area. We potters in the area (through the guild and some community colleges, and my studio) have been trying hard to take advantage of their being here and have arranged several classes and workshops during their time here. They are teaching Tuesdays through May in Desert Dragon Pottery studio, an afternoon class 1:30-4:30pm with figurative slab sculpture (live model) and an evening class 6-9pm doing (clay that imitates) wood and bamboo teapots. Classes are drop-in, $35 per person and space is limited, so call ahead. If you need more information you can see the website- or call Mishy at- 602-690-6956

Michelle Lowe potter in the Phoenix desert
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