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glaze tests for cone 6 ox, general.

updated wed 30 apr 03


Alisa Clausen on tue 29 apr 03

Dear Clayart

I had a warning when I began mixing these tests. I cracked my morning =
egg and dumped it into the garbage, and threw the shell into the pan.

I turned on my digital scale and got busy weighing. I thought I was =
being very sloppy or very fast. The scale would show 5 gr. and then =
just coast along to 6 to 7 to 8 and back to 7, to 6 to 5 and up again. =
I had to weigh out 10 portions before I believed my scale had slipped =
out to the Clayart Cocktail party the night before. I am ready to make =
tests and no scale. Changed the battery, still very sick.

No Kaolin on my shelf. Run into town in my glaze clothing, rubber boots =
and hat. Luckily the Chemists have heaps of Kaolin. People use it to =
wash unfinished wood floors with to give a white wash effect. =
Expensive, but the nice plastic jars are reusable for something in the =
studio. Go to an office supplier and buy a scale on sale. I think I am =
lucky now.

20 minutes of feverishly trying to get the ingredient to stand on 5 gr. =
A little taken away, 4 gm.., a little more added, 6 gr. It took=20
me that long to realize the great, little, handy new digital scale I =
bought cheap, can weigh up 1000 gr. in only 2 gr. increments.

Take out scrap paper. Weigh out two gr. of oxides needed. Pat and =
slice in half and half and half and try to be accurate. So, the oxide =
additions on these tests, esp. the small quantities of Chrome, cannot be =
exact. I have not posted the Chrome Tin glazes except for one, because =
I have to try them again more accurately.=20

Otherwise, some good tests. I will, however go back to my old ramp, =
holding at 800c for one hour, as the slower cool down with these tests =
is too hot. Some of the glazes with my local frit were just about to =
drip and I think my frit is slightly over melted in the slower cooling =
Darlings of these tests are Raspberry Purple and VC72.

Best regards,=20
Alisa in Denmark