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strap tools

updated tue 29 apr 03


Stephani Stephenson on mon 28 apr 03

Chris Henley wrote:
"For example, mechanical
steetsweepers: every time they sweep they throw off some of the
metal "bristles"from their brushes. Walk along the swept portion of the
road/street and you can find a handful. Though thin, they are springy
tough, and great for fashioning trimming tools, probes, scoring tools,
so on. "

When Mark Issenburg stopped by my place back in March, we were standing
inside at the computer when suddenly his head snapped toward the door
and he ran outside. With his head bent at a 45 degree angle and staring
intently at the pavement , he began walking , calmly but excitedly, up
the street, following along the gutter.
I am a tolerant sort of person so I didn't really ask questions,
figuring that he needed to do what he needed to do......even when he
began plucking at the gutter, with movements reminiscent of a hen going
after potato bugs....(OK i am exaggerating a little for visual effect

he came waltzing back with a few slender straps of metal in hand,
looking quite satisfied.
Yes he must have heard the street sweeper . He showed me the metal
bristles he had found and explained their use in making tools,
So I have been meaning to tell you about this, Chris, but I see you
already know!!!!!

Stephani Stephenson