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video or book: both

updated sat 26 apr 03


Ababi on fri 25 apr 03

Video or book: Both!
For a person like me that is mainly self learning or self repairing what he has been
taught wrong, a cassette can help a lot.
On the other hand a good teacher is the best.
Ron and John: I read it several times until I understood!
Jan Currie: How many tears and sweat! How much glaze was dumped until I had
taught myself ( with a little help from Lawrence Ewing). If "The Flying Doctor" would
have a cassette!

A cassette could help a lot.
In a book you have a lot of information on hand.
With a cassette you can have a privet lesson: You may stop and go backward and
forward without annoying the master with your repeating questions!
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel
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