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toe to toe competition

updated thu 24 apr 03


clennell on thu 24 apr 03

Sour Cherry Pottery

> Hmmm... competition is a wonderful, horrible, necessary thing for me. One of
> my closest friends also happens to be my biggest competitor, as we seem to be
> the two most prolific, quality-minded potters in the area, with the most
> experience. We also live three miles apart. She has a killer studio, but a bad
> commercial location, while I have a great spot, but spacially limited studio.
> She was the only one around until I opened up last July.

Julie : Every road you seem to take is one I have travelled. At my old
studio I had a potter friend a mile away. this was good, as a draw since
two pot shops are more of a reason to travel than one. We had many laughs,
went fishing, had a Tuesday night meeting of the Macho He Man Women Haters
club ( Spanky and our gang) where we drank beer, listened to rock and roll,
told dirty jokes and laughed our faces off.. this was great fun. It then
somehow got sour. Money is a horrible thing. Being competitive myself it
badly affected my work. My last 3 years there had me making wine coolers,
garlic dishes, pate dishes, candle holders, incense burners and all kinds of
knicky nackies just to make money. I tore down my chamber kiln and just made
a whole lotta knickies and hardly any one offs.. I wish all those pots would
go away!
What is just as horrible as money is professional jealousy. Neither of us
got better because we ended up fighting over nickels instead of motivating
each other to hold out for the quarters.
I am glad to be away from there. It was the best thing that happened to my
work. I don't know how much $$$ other potters make and so I don't get bent
outta shape. I focus on our last years profit/loss and use that as a
benchmark, not my neighbour.
I hope your friendship endures and allows growth.
Best of luck getting ready for the Panama city show.
P.S Get your customer a Ron Meyers demented turtle. guaranteed she won't
like it and you'll luv it to death.