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mark issenberg and dave f in cm march

updated thu 24 apr 03


Carol Tripp on wed 23 apr 03

Well, how about that. I got to read a bit of Ceramics Monthly in advance!
(All the rest of you non N American subscribers know what I am talking
about; what a thrill to read CM within two months of publication.)
Anyway, it takes time to put two and two together. I had read Mark's
message about Charles Counts (who was he I wondered being woefully ignorant
but learning every day) and then checked out Mark's web site. I'd seen one
of his pots before - it was on a postcard the marvelous Nan Kitchens sent me
from NCECA. I didn't recognize the name because I know Mark only as ASHPOTS
on Clayart. Then I pulled up the News section on his site (after enjoying
his Gallery) and wow, there was a CM article by one of my favourite people
on Clayart, Dave Finkelnberg. (He always helps me out.) A double bonus;
good pots, good writing.
Nice going guys.
Best regards,
Dubai, UAE
BTW, Mark's site is

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