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charles counts books

updated fri 25 apr 03


ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on wed 23 apr 03

Axner has republished Charles Counts Book.. It is a great learning tool. I
throw using Charles Counts method. He studied under Marguertite Wildenhain.
When i took his class in 1968 i remember sitting on his porch , behind Jim
Steeves making , #ones ,# two's etc.....

Email me if any of you took classes from Charles , i want to start writing
down is witisisms, like ,,a good potter can clean his hands in his dirty

New teapots are up, using the Clennell handles

Karin Hurt on thu 24 apr 03

Hi Mark,
By the time I got involved in the Community Craft Center in Norris, TN,
Charles was already in Afrika. However, I had the privilege when he came to
visit (twice) to watch his demonstration. He took two of my bears back with
him and gave me some small prints of his students in Nigeria. I do think that
Heddy is still alive. A close friend of his Jean Cole lives in Oak Ridge TN.
She may be listed under Jean and Tom Cole. If you would like I'll get you her
phone number, she studied with him a long time ago. Thanks for the help, I'll
check out Axner for his book.

Arizona, USA
Laughing Bear Pottery