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wanted: good mfa instructors/program

updated tue 22 apr 03


Tony Ferguson on mon 21 apr 03

WANTED: Good MFA Instructor(s) Program

1. You come into the studio excited to teach/be available for your =
students and leave excited because you are going to your studio to do =
your own work.

2. Your primary motivation is to the development of your own work and =
that of your students.

3. You posses a diligent work ethic and recognize life and art are =

4. You would accept artists with families without prejudice and be open =
to the flexibility required by the needs of a family from time to time.

5. You would allow an artist who has been earning a living from his or =
her non-commercial work the continued artistic freedom allowing he or =
she to continue and experiment with work both in sculpture as well as =

If you meet the above requirements, please contact me below:

Thank you.

Tony Ferguson
On Lake Superior, where the sky meets the Lake

Stoneware, Porcelain, Raku
315 N. Lake Ave
Apt 312
Duluth, MN 55806