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clay it forward/vince's workshop at lisa's

updated tue 22 apr 03


Joyce Lee on mon 21 apr 03

We have a donor who signed up for Vince's
workshop at Lisa's Living Tree Studio during
May, and now finds she can't attend.=20

She would like to offer her $90.00 non-
refundable deposit as a discount for
a clayarter who will be able to attend. That
would be $90.00 prepaid of the $190.00
tuition fee for the 5-day workshop.

Lisa has generously agreed to honor the $90.00
deposit's transfer to a clayarter who will be able to
replace our donor.

More information about the workshop and supply
list as well as links to Vince's pages are at:

The qualifications for acceptance are to be
designed by the applicant. You post me, please,
stating how you would use the information
gained ..... or your reasons for applying.

Thank you to all you generous claybuds. Whatta

In the Mojave who attended Vince's Ancient Clay
workshop at Michael McDowell's farm a few years
ago ...... professionally done all the way .....=20
participants represented all levels of experience....
we each gained a ton of information and hands-on
opportunities .... from the Italian Canadian Wonder
Potter gentleman, who'd been in the business for
umpteen years as had generations of his family,
..... to the Lowliest of the Low .... namely me.
I still refer to my handouts regularly.... and count
Vince (and Michael) as my Forever Friend. Vince
is a workaholic .... or an artaholic..... which he
imposes on himself, not his workshoppers. However,
we all responded exceedingly positively to his
intense focus and caring about meeting our needs.
It was a joy to see this most serious presenter
relax with us in the evenings as we sat around a
campfire talking...... what else...... clay talk. Vince
is a mine of information.... as attested by his
book ..... someone will be a very lucky duck.

See what happens when you stop writing to
Clayart for awhile ..... when you start, you can't
stop the Flying Fingers who want to tell all they've
learned about people ...... work..... learning.....
and their owner ..... especially about their owner.
.. who probably thought she knew Everything ...
Every Little Thing ... about herself.... maybe about
everybody else, too ..... she who probably thought=20
that her many years On This Earth came with
some built-in guarantee of Wisdom&Understanding.
Ha! Doesn't know it, but she obviously
still has a Lot to Learn....... whatta dork.