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broken art...or, another quick, if annoying, foray...

updated thu 17 apr 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 16 apr 03

Old Albrect Durer in his day, was non-plus'd
with the Spanish melting down all that Aztec 'Gold', (so it
would fit into the Ships the better as 'bullion')...all them
'Birds' and 'Serpents' and 'Idols' and what...

Same as happenned with Pheonecian 'Gold' or anybody's...saw
a (likey) Pheonecian finger-ring once, made 'thin' as paper,
looked full...had an animal face and little vignettes I
think ( I was 12 when seeing it)...a kind of 'work' as about
no one ever did a box of junk as someone had set
aside once, in a long ago 'once'...a little box of...

...was a fellow...I forgot his name...'collected' Scrap
Iron, Wrought Iron mostly ( grilles and fences, gates and so
on from remodeled Churches and Villas and Estates...and
obsolete Armour and Swords and Mail...'fittings' and
oddments...) in
the late fourteen and early of fifteen-hundreds. Mentions
extant of
the huge amount of
it he drug home, he had a fair sized estate, and wanted to
preserve these things as they were so old then, and curious
and interesting to him...junk from the 'Saxon' invasion and
all ( English fellow, mind you...) wife likely testy about
it, friends embarassed and all...after he dies, it was all
recycled, scattered...made into other things, or

Same thing as that...been going on steady allways...

All them 'Indian' relics from the nineteenth Cent as were
STILL around in much of the early 'twentieth'...sitting in
pawn shops and junk stores or...leaning sheds and

Saw a Jacket not long ago, came out of a collapseing little
building in a decaying estate of a guy as drug stuff home in
the 'teens...most of it was ruined from the building being
neglected for fifty or sixty years now, moron
'kids' in their 'seventies'...waterdamage, rot,
mold...most of it ruined beyond hope...anyway, the Jacket
was thought to be, or, tentatively
to be the one ol' "Custer" was a-wearin' on his fateful
day...had the bullet hole in the left shoulder as came 'up',
with the small blowout in the back...but not the stains I'd
expect down the side...a good ('old') fake
likely,or a coincidence...but...BUT so magnificant
nevertheless AS a
'Jacket'...was real as can be so far as being from the
'that' of 'then'...thrilling AS itself with no 'provanance'

A testimony of a very different 'America' you may be sure.
More 'foreign'
now than most other countries may be...

Saw what purported to be ol' "Rain in the Face's" pull over
'shirt'...from the same place...take your breath away no
matter if it was his or rang the bell, all day a 'real' Shirt from someone as had some spirit for
themselves 'then'. The painting on it....simple

More 'Art' there than the 'nea' could pedanticly spell if
you guided
their hand to help 'em hold the crayon...

No one had any endowments to make the stuff they made

They made it...used it...lived it.

If it ain't in us to be Lived, what difference how much of
it gets hoity-toitied into museums and all for gumpers to
gawk at or put big dollar signs on?

Travesty too often...

What are we doing with our own lives, and the Art as is in
us to Live and make?

A much more important question I think, than that what
others did, and how it may get shuffled thru' time's none
too tender uses for it.

Worth money is it?

More than Life?

Las Vegas