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glaze credits, brent wheels and skutt kilns

updated sun 13 apr 03


Alisa Liskin Clausen on sat 12 apr 03

Dear Ababi and Clayart,
To get it all into one message..

There are many glazes posted so many places, that unless there is a name
attached right to the glaze name, they can go unaccredited. Less often
than so,
do we have a name like Val Cushing's.. , or Peter Pinnells, Jane Deboo's or
or glazes that carry the author's name from their books. Should be, but
usually not carried over in the
hundreds of transportations of the recipe. I do not readily know so many
that I can spot ones where the originator's name has been dropped. Once, I
tested some recipes on a Clayarter's site. I thought they were hers. She
forgot to tag them with the originators name. Clayart, in a matter of fact
way, let me know
that they were developed by Peter Pinnell. When a name is not
given because it is forgotten or not known or sloppy note taking, etc, I
would say it is,
in general, not an act of malice or disrespect to the originator of the
glaze. I post recipes from many people in our clay community, and usually
say the source
is Clayart, as it is. Normally, I do not have a credit, because I have not
seen one.
If I am positive of the creator, I gladly give credit. Credit should be
given, but if it is not, I do not think it is
willfully done to steal, offend or disrespect.

Skutt kilns. The best, the greatest, one I can buy in Denmark. Denmark
has some good electric kiln makers, maybe only 2 now. Skutt kilns are
imported now and you can believe when I finally got a new kiln, it was a
round Skutt. It is my most prized material position.

COX Brent wheel, a close equal as my other prized material position. They
are also imported here. I used them in college. I was jumping loopy loops
when I saw I could order one in Denmark.. Mind you, when you live in a
country like Denmark, you cannot just call up the suppliers in the USA and
say please send. Well, I suppose it is possible, but there will be all
sorts of high taxes and tariffs, making the equipment at least a third more
expensive. If it is imported into Denmark, I pay the usual 25% sales tax.
I think that is enough! I love my Brent and Skutt. Two great pieces of
studio equipment for my cone 6, oxidation pottery.

regards from Alisa in Denmark
still trying to get the importer to import fireclays.