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don rietz workshop and lecture!

updated sun 13 apr 03


Billie Mitchell on fri 11 apr 03

i just came back from dons workshop in jackson tenn. nan kitchens posted it
on here a few days ago. if you ever have a chance to go to one of his
workshops i would highly recommend it.. i was absolutely wonderful. he has
an energy matched by no one. although i wasnt able to make it there for the
first day i heard from nan and merrie brennens (hope i spelled it right
merrie) that it was even more wonderful than the day i attended. the
gallery opening was something to see. if you ever get to jackson go the art
under a hot tin roof. they have some wonderful works by paul soldner
besides don rietz work and some other great potters work as well.
nan and merrie and i had a great time at not only the gallery but there is
also great place to eat and drink down the street from the gallery that has
live jazz music. i just would like to thank nan for posting it on clayart
for all of us to have the chance to go.. where else could you go see such a
great potter and a great man at work for free! it was worth every long mile
i drove to get there. thanks again nan!

billie mitchell