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decorative flowers book - art nouveau style

updated sun 13 apr 03


george koller on sat 12 apr 03

Good Morning,

Recently, on a book hunting expedition, I ran across
a book with some 170 plates of Flowers done by

Maruice Pillard Vereuil (1869-1942)

The book is titled

"Decorative Flowers"

The author is

William Wheeler

One way that I feel somewhat confident about describing the work is
that the details of the flowers have been reduced and refined to
capture the "essence" of particular flowers at a level of detail
just feasible in ceramic glazes. Symmetry is heavily applied. The
colors and textures seem to me to match glazes in an uncanny way.
Here is a line from the cover jacket: "Nearly a century after they
were created, Verneuil's Metamorphases of "simple" flowers into
intricate, elegant designs retain their enormous appeal". I think
this is true.

...we are doing the Kurt Wild process(*see note below) on hand-made
stoneware tiles and slabs. The process is continuing to evolve,
recently there have been some significant enhancements. If you are
interested in having pieces of this style reproduced on stoneware
you are welcome to contact me off list.


George Koller

Sturgeon Bay, WI - Door County
Northport, MI

*The Kurt Wild decorating process uses the metal sulfates added
to a base glaze as the colorants. Boundries between colors are
generally created by Kurt with a dental scratching tool.

Kurt uses a brush, we use a electronic nozzle.