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linda blossom workshop/scholarships

updated wed 9 apr 03


Brenda Beeley on tue 8 apr 03

There are several reduced fee work scholarships for Linda's workshop.
Also, some people said they couldn't come on Sunday because of Mother's Day.
It is possible to just attend the workshop on Saturday.
Please reply to me personally if you are interested.


MAY 10-11, 2003
9 am to 5 pm
Fee: $150

Linda Blossom is a self taught ceramics artist from Ithaca, NY. In this
action packed two-day workshop Linda will introduce you to the use of
paper clay in tile work and large architectural pieces. Linda has been
using paper clay exclusively for the past six years in all of her pieces.
The properties of paper clay allows a single artist to work large, thin and
light. As a group we will work together on a window or door surround.

Linda studied with Peter King in 1992. She then went on to assist him in
the production, organization and writing of "Architectural Ceramics for the
Studio Potter".

Linda will share her vast experience about architectural ceramics through
demonstrations and discussions.

Topics Include:
clay bodies for tiles
paper clay
making and drying tiles
sinks: plumbing, faucets and overflow considerations
counter tops
door and window surrounds
making tile-topped tables with extruded legs
use of an extruder and molds
bat systems
single firing
developing a large glaze palette
installations: materials and tools, adhesives and grouts
taking measurements and working with a customer
the importance of site in design
To view Linda's work please go to and
click on workshops.

TO REGISTER: Please send a $50 deposit made out to: BRENDA BEELEY to the
address below. Sorry, no credit cards.

ClaySpace on Puget Sound
Brenda Beeley
P.O. Box 1339
Suquamish, WA 98392-1339
(360) 598-3688