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peter king workshop in nor cal

updated tue 8 apr 03


terry sullivan on sun 6 apr 03

Hey folks,

I highly recomend taking a workshop with Peter King. For those in north
central california; sign up for his workshop at Morgan Britts place
outside of Sacramento,

You will be very pleased at how much will be accomplished in a week.
Peter gives 110 % all the time.

We had him here at Nottingham back in 1999 and it was fantastic !

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Arts

Morgan Britt on sun 6 apr 03

"Architectural Ceramics" with Peter King. June 9th- 13th., Orangevale, CA.
Peter is one of the pioneers of Studio Architectural Ceramics. He produces
elaborate fireplaces, archways, columns and freestanding sculpture with
vibrant ornate features on a scale viewers are often unaccustomed to seeing
in ceramics. His work can be found in numerous public and private spaces
throughout the US. The week long workshop will cover plaster cast molds,
cylinder forms, sinks, sprigging, high relief columns and relief
construction, as well as installation techniques including mantle brackets
and corner wrapping. There will be an evening potluck and slide show
midweek. Cost $500.00. For more information contact Morgan Britt at
916-715-6113. View Peter's work at