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potters council regional workshop-la crosse

updated sat 5 apr 03


karen terpstra on fri 4 apr 03

Hi Everyone,
A few more things regarding the conference.

There will be a mug exchange, so bring a mug, cup, tea bowl etc.

There will be a show for attendees and presenters so bring a piece of
work for the show.

If you are interested in Raku, bring a piece of work to raku. Not sure
we could handle one piece from everyone, but if you are coming to watch
Bob Anderson and Steve Branfman in action, by all means bring something.
We will try to raku as many pieces as we can. My propane dealer will be
on call.

We will have to load the wood kiln before the conference starts. It
will be firing during the conference and unloaded after. If you live
nearby, bring or send a bisqued piece before June 7. We plan to unload
June 18th (my birthday) you would be welcome to help unload, pick up
your work, and eat birthday cake. I will not be able to manage sending
pots here and there after the conf. After all, I will be 49 years old
and not be able to handle it. Any one who is interested in working on a
shift may do so. You do not need experience. We have an excellent team
of crew leaders. We will have a shift sign-up sheet at the start of the

We have a great place to hang pictures of kiln plans and a place to
discuss them. Please send your registration to The American Ceramic
Society but send me a reproducible copy of your kiln plan by May 30. I
will reproduce them on 11x 14 inch paper and mount them. Include a
packet of pertinent information especially your contact information so
people can talk with you at the conference or contact you later about
your kiln.

There would be a slide room available in the afternoons if people would
like to show slides, discuss them, critique them, whatever. I need a
couple volunteers to help with this if there is interest. We could set
up a video room too. We have a nice collection of clay and firing
related videos.

Send kiln plans to:
Karen Terpstra
Art Dept.
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

Lots of people inquiring about where to stay. Many are planning on the
dorm because of convenience. Some are choosing the Holiday Inn or the
Radisson. Both of these hotels are downtown La Crosse on the river and
within walking distance of each other. Both have great food.

I'm meeting friends this afternoon at a new martini bar downtown called
the Cavalier. business related of course...I have to check it out for
the conf. I'll report on it later. Merrie may want to hold an informal
meeting there. ;)

See you in June!

Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI