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updated sat 5 apr 03


John Rodgers on fri 4 apr 03

When I mentioned the wedging table I built, I failed to point out the
fact that once thing I was looking for in a wedging table was portability.

My wedging table is 24" X 36" and is built of 2" X 6" lumber. It has a
4" thick plaster slab cast inside the wood frame. Now that table is
bulky and fairly heavy. But, I can load it into my van, and unload it,
all by myself without getting a hernia. Having table legs that unscrew
from the table is what makes the portability. Being able to take the
legs off also allows me to store the table on its edge when I need to
store it, thus taking minimal room.

Just thought I would mention this.

John Rodgers
Birmingham, AL

John Rodgers wrote:

> I was asked what suggestion I made for an ad-on option for the Axner
> wheel so I decided to post a copy of the mail I sent to Axner.
> But first, an interesting bit of co-oincidence.
> Months and months ago, I was searching around for a Jiggering Arm setup
> that I could apply to my Brent wheel. I knew that Shimpo made one and I
> called Axner to inquire,because I knew Axner carried the Shimpo line.
> They didn't know anything about it at the time, and in my conversation
> with the Axner Rep I got into a long diatribe about how a jiggering arm
> could be simply made to fit a wheel, and it sure seemed to me that
> anyone building wheels would certainly make it an option. I described to
> the rep how I would do it, pointed out how simple it was, and suggested
> that it would make lots of points if the idea was sold t the BOSS, and
> was actually produced. Well, low and behold, Axner now puts out a new
> wheel with a jiggering arm option. Bless Me!!
> I haven't a clue if I had any influence in this, but it sure was a
> coincidence.
> As for my lates suggestion, I have attached below the text of the
> message I sent to Axner. I hope they follow through. If they do, I'm
> gonna buy me a new wheel!!!!
> John Rodgers
> Birmingham, AL
> E-mail to Axner: 04/02/2003
> **************
> Hi!
> I am a subscriber to the Clayart newsgroup, a potter, and ceramist, and
> an Axner cutomer. I have followed the discussions of the development of
> the new Axner Wheel with interest and the wheel appears poised to
> become a leader of potter wheels if not THE leader.
> I currently have a Brent CXC, and as good as it is, there are short
> comings with the Brent, in my view. The Axner Wheel has caught my
> interest, and if certain changes were made it would certainly push it
> over the top for me.
> It appears that Axner is willing to make changes and additions to make
> the Axner Wheel the very best, and it is to this end that I wish to make
> a suggestion. If this suggestion is eventually incorporated into the
> Axner wheel, I may very well consider giving up my Brent in favor of
> the Axner, and that is saying a lot as this is my second Brent CXC. I
> have hope for the Axner Wheel, while Brent doesn't appear much
> interested in making changes, or additions, or adding options.
> For example. I have repeatedly queried Brent (AMACO) about adding a
> Jiggering Arm option. They won't even respond to my queries. I see Axner
> has already added one and the Axner wheel has only been on the market a
> short time. This is great. I am getting old (age 63), Arthur, after a
> few visits, has come to stay it appears, so assistance from a jiggering
> arm is becoming a greater likelyhood every day. Brent won't even talk
> about it.
> My suggestion as an added improvement to the Axner wheel is this. Alter
> the legs of the wheel so they may be adjustable for height. There are
> many ways to do this, all of which I have seen so far work after a
> fashion, but they are less than satisfactory. I will try to express my
> concept by describing a wedging table I built.
> My interest in this leg height business is very much due to the fact
> that I am approaching a time when I will have to do my throwing while
> standing.
> I wanted a wedging table convenient to my body height, size, and arm
> length. Not sized to fit "Everyman", whom we know does not exist. I
> built the table with threaded pipe flanges on each corner to accept
> threaded standard 2 inch black iron pipe. I calculated the relative
> thickness of the table including the flanges and purchased at the local
> pipe store the correct pipe lengths I wanted and had them threaded on
> one end only to fit the threaded flanges. I then purchased 4 rubber end
> caps of the type used to slip over a vent pipe to close it off. I put
> these on the unthreaded end of the new pipe legs of the table. Voila!!
> Rubber feet for my table to protect the floor and the table leg end.
> I chose the black iron pipe instead of steel tube because of the ease of
> acquistion (every plumbing shop and hardware store in the country)
> whereas stell tubing is more difficult to come by for the average
> consumer. Also the fit of the rubber end caps.
> At least as an option, may I suggest that instead of welded steel legs
> on the Axner wheel, that a tube be welded in each leg location, in
> place of the full length steel leg, internally threaded and sized to
> accept standard pipe dimensions of appropriate size, which can be
> purchased at any hardware or plumbing store. If standard black iron pipe
> is used for legs, Axner customers who wish it, can then purchase
> locally at their cost, or order from Axner, custom support legs cut to
> the length of their own desires and needs, instead of having to deal
> with a "One Size Fits All" scenario as it currently exists. This is
> never satisfactory.
> The Brent wheel and others have optional leg extensions, but they are
> less that satisfactory because they are limited in their range of
> adjustment. Having the option of acquiring locally cut table legs, cut
> to specified length, certainly gives a fuller range of wheel table
> heights from the floor, unique to the individual. And given how people
> vary in how tall they are, how long their arms are, how big their
> bellies are, limits place by physical disabilties, etc, this table leg
> option as I have described it here, would, in my opinion be a wonderful
> option. So much so, that I would consider giving up my Brent for an
> Axner with this option, expecially given that other options are
> available as well, which the Brent also doesn't have.
> Standard length, threaded, removable legs should accompany the wheel in
> shipment,as part of the standard package, either installed or not
> installed. Removing them may very well make the unit more compact for
> shipping, but if not, the stock legs could be installed for shipment.
> I for one would certainly like to see this feature incorporated into any
> wheel that I purchase next.
> Regards,
> John Rodgers
> 205-678-2811
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