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4th annual clayart slide workshop report

updated wed 9 apr 03


Russel Fouts on fri 4 apr 03

The Clayart Slide Workshop, this year may have been the most successful
so far. After some initial "excitement" about changing rooms and
changing rooms again at very last minute, the Holiday Inn staff came
through with flying colors by providing us with a really nice room, AV
stand for the projector, a HUGE screen (size does matter), eventually
airconditioning and even a microphone!

This year we had commentary from; Ruth Butler and Sherman Hall from CM,
Polly Beach from ClayTimes, Jean Lehman from the Strictly Functional
National, John Hesselberth and Richard Wittaker. We'd like to say thank
you to all of them. Richard, Sherman and Jean were new as panelists and
we'd like to welcome them and hope they'll come back next year. Among
the many comments offered from the audience, I recognised Fred Paget and
Bruce Abott. We'd like to thank them too. Thank you all!

The Slide Wranglers did a great job, all the slides went in right side
up and, as far as I know, all got back to their owners. Stephani
Stephenson's projector worked flawlessly. Jim Bob Salazar returned in
his role running the projector and everything went without a hitch.

Once the workshop gets started, I don't interfere much, just hang around
in the back making sure people can hear each other, etc. Several people
commented to me and the panel confirmed it, that the slides are getting
better every year. So thank everyone again for your input, it looks like
it's making a difference.

Paul Lewing made a last minute suggestion that we somehow cover "The
Booth Photo" and the "Artist in the Studio" photo so I put this out to
the list just as I was leaving for NCECA. I think one person brought 18
booth slides! We put them all in the projector at the end. Basically
they had photographed all the booths at a show that interested them.
Many helpful comments were given about arranging the booth and how to
photograph it, really two issues. Probably the most helpful comments
were that you don't have to show the whole booth (just concentrate on a
largish part of it), keep the spacing of pots open (it can be more
crowded at the actual show), when taking the photo, arrange the lights
to show off the BOOTH.

I like the fact that the focus of the slide workshop is broadening. I
think it gives it more of a future and keeps it interesting year after

Bill Jones mentioned that he has difficulty getting good "how to"
process photos. He also mentioned that Richard Burkett did the shots for
his article and the tile article in the January/february issue. Since
Richard won't be heroically rescuing stranded bus riders and will be
able to actually enjoy the Indianapolis NCECA. Maybe we can get some
help from him.

Someone also mentioned that they'd like to see John Hesselberth's home
made photo setup demonstrated. See what it looks like set up, how to
adjust the lights, etc. This could easily turn into a hands-on, how-to
workshop but is also something we could do. In fact, different setups
could be discussed.

I have to admit that I was considering not doing the workshop this year,
maybe I was getting a bit bored with it. But comments like the above
will keep it interesting for the participants and for me. So it will be
my pleasure to facilitate this into the future.

Thanks again everyone for your participation.



Russel Fouts
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Jocelyn McAuley on fri 4 apr 03

Hi Russel,

It seems like the slide show workshop is also serving as a way for us to
have "show and tell". It's turned into a venue for showing what our work
is... who we are.

Maybe somehow it can be broken down into the honest to goodness- "help!"
session, and then a show off presentation?

Thanks for providing this forum at NCECA! I missed this years, but hope
to be at the next one.


Jocelyn McAuley ><<'>
Eugene, Oregon

Billie Mitchell on tue 8 apr 03

yes as usual russel did a wonderful job. he has the know how on how to
pull everyone together from across the world. i have been to several of
the slide shows and i agree this one was the best. the room was large
and everyone could see without a problem. hats off to you russell great

billie mitchell